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Reclaim your vitality and zest for life – grab your FREE Ebook: The Secret to Finding and Enjoying More Energy.

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Welcome to the Leaner Meaner Senior community, where age is just a number and a vibrant, fulfilling life knows no bounds. Discover the secret to dramatically improving your health and adding quality years to your life. We understand the frustrations of false promises and disappointing trends in the health and fitness industry. But here, we believe in a different approach. Our coaching is based on the "kaizen" method of small, continuous improvements to incorporate lifestyle changes, and we’ve witnessed incredible transformations.

Now, we offer the Leaner Meaner Senior Game Plan, a holistic program designed for seniors to unlock their full potential. We embrace a "meaner" attitude—fierce intentionality including bravery, clarity, living with heart, laughter, and being unstoppable. Our customizable exercise programs, illustrated instructions, case studies, and coaching will guide you.

The Leaner Meaner Senior coaching programs, book, and companion workbook are valuable resources, providing tools, inspiration, and a roadmap for success. Join our community of young-at-heart Leaner Meaner Seniors and embrace a new identity of vitality and possibilities.

Praise For The Leaner Meaner Senior Game Plan…

“Most fitness books/programs can be overwhelming to those who are not currently practicing healthy habits. Leaner Meaner Senior Game Plan differs…it celebrates small victories that anyone can make. For me, the hardest part is starting. In a very easy, non-judgmental style, this book eases you into doing what you know in your heart you should be doing.”

Colleen S.

“After only a few pages, a lightbulb came on...I had never been very attentive about taking care of my health. Before I retired, I focused strictly on my business. The book explained that “meaner” (in Leaner Meaner Senior) means being fiercely intentional about your own health. I got the point. Now I pay attention to my body like I did my business, and I feel better than ever before!"

Roger H. 

“Leaner Meaner Senior Game Plan motivated me to include more variety in my diet…trying some healthier options is one of my first new habits I want to gain. The tips about how to adopt new habits are extremely helpful. Also, I live alone with no family around, and I appreciate the reminder to make plans that will keep me connected with others…”

Deborah M.

“Rather than hoping for motivation that is usually fleeting, I look for basic, practical tips and applications, ideas I can use, steps I can take. Leaner Meaner Senior is a guide for making small, manageable, beneficial changes that could accumulate into greater benefits without having to take on huge lifestyle changes all at once.”

Jeff S.

“If it’s not right in front of me, I’m not going to remember to do it…so I keep my [Leaner Meaner Senior] workbook out and am actually amazed that I use it every single day. You could say it’s becoming a habit—a really good one!”

Michelle A.

“The illustrated exercises are clear, simple, and not too aspirational. I’ve lost 35 pounds through intermittent fasting and lowering carb intake. I now weigh as much as I did when I got married 37 years ago.  All of my vitals have improved…The Leaner Meaner Senior Game Plan gave me additional approaches and tools to help me maintain my progress.” 

Tony C.

“I think this book is very well-written. When I work out, especially my weight program, I keep records of my work and progress. Leaner Meaner Senior gave me additional tracking tools and progress charts for other areas of health and wellness. These encourage paying attention to the right things.”

Chris L.

“…helping me to stay consistent and to include things I need like stretching and weights. I love writing in the workbook…it reveals areas of growth and shortcomings. The book helps me to engage my husband in a more intentional wellness program. He had a scare some months ago…this is the perfect tool to help me motivate him to see the light and make improvements.”

Margaret G.

70+ Easy At-Home Exercises to

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About the Authors

Teresa Bueno

Teresa Bueno is a Positive Intelligence Coach with three decades of coaching experience. Born in the north Georgia mountains, Teresa is passionate about living life to its fullest and helping others to do the same. 

From starting her own drafting design business in her twenties, she has continuously used her creative entrepreneurial spirit to start and build companies including a real estate brokerage, small business coaching, and eco-development. In 2006, she embarked on a 10-year sojourn in Costa Rica with her husband, a testament to her adventurous spirit.

Being a "Leaner Meaner Senior" is at the core of Teresa's philosophy. By "meaner," Teresa explains that "aging is an attitude." With a strong intention and a firm belief in what's possible, she believes that the quality of one’s health and vitality is within one’s control.

With a wealth of experience and advanced training in transformation and personal development, Teresa understands the challenges of seeking positive change. Through her coaching, she shares proven methods that have helped her and countless others lead healthy, empowered lives. Her mission is to reshape perspectives on aging, promoting self-care for a gratifying life.

As she encourages others, Teresa's personal practices include meditation, connecting with kindred spirits, positive affirmations, and going where her curiosity leads her, which is almost always outside and into nature. 

While Sarasota, Florida, is her home base, she enjoys international travel, performing improv, yoga, daily power walks, and spending time with friends and family as a proud mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. 

Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee is a Leaner Meaner Senior devoted to empowering seniors to recommit to living life with a Carpe Diem! “Seize the Day” vigor. 

As a Master Certified Coach, Barbara has helped hundreds of people maximize their success in all areas of life. For several years, she focused on the area of health and wellness, drawing on her experience as a dietitian and her BS degree in Nutrition Science. 

As the Director of Kaizen Total Wellness Center, she partnered with H. Mishner, M.D., to develop an effective program for patients with serious health issues resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle. The “kaizen method” is a proven strategy used across many industries that is based on small, continuous steps toward improvement. “The problem with other approaches,” notes Barbara Dee, “is that you are using restrictive diets, short-lived gym memberships, or prescription drugs to achieve health improvement, and are thus doomed to fail. Changing your lifestyle using smart, daily choices, when taken in very small steps, is the key to success in becoming and staying at your optimal health and fitness level.” 

In addition to helping people make small changes for big results to become healthier and happier, Barbara Dee is a writer and book publisher. She is a memoir writing coach, author, magazine columnist, nonfiction book development expert, speaker, and online course instructor.

Barbara Dee recently returned to live near where she was born and raised in Central Florida. There she enjoys her passions of writing, reading, fishing, and kayaking—often on the same outing.  

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